Surveys: 1998 to Present

As of August 2019, AAPCO will share state originated surveys as they are available.  These are not AAPCO or SFIREG surveys, and may be identified by the state or entity’s name in the title of the survey.  Please see the new survey policy (#11) to learn more:


AAPCO Laboratory Committee: Laboratory Equipment Survey – excel

UAVs – PDF summary and Excel all data

SLA Dicamba – PDF summary and Excel all data

WSSA Dicamba – PDF summary and Excel all data

Label Mandated Training – PPT and Summary

MP3/Pollinator Protection – PPT and Summary

Category Manuals – summary pdf and all individual responses excel


Dicamba – All summary data with individual responses 

Adams Technology – 2020 State Pesticide Product Registration Fees

Issuance and Renewal of EPA Inspector Credentials – summary pdf and individual responses excel

Pandemic Disinfectant Survey – summary pdf and individual responses excel


MA 25(b) Survey – summary pdf and individual responses excel

MA Hemp Survey – summary pdf and individual responses excel

Sept 2020 Dicamba State Survey – summary pdf and individual responses excel (will download)

June 2020 ID Applicator Apprentice Survey

Spring 2020 MI Methomyl Survey

Spring 2020 MA Compilation:  Neonicotinoid Restrictions by State

May 2020 WSSA Dicamba Survey – Summary PDF and individual responses Excel sheet

April 2020 Dicamba States Survey

AAPCO’s COVID-19 Survey – Summary PDF and Excel sheet – all individual responses are included in each format

UAV/UAS AAPCO Technology Workgroup Survey


AAPCO’s National Assessment of Managed Pollinator Protection Plans (MP3)

MA Survey: Publicizing Enforcement Actions

CO Survey: Aerial Applicators – Subcontractors or Employees




25(b) State Registration Requirements

Dicamba: all responses and all data

AAPCO-ASPCRO Certification Summary


SLA Laboratories turn around time

SLA Laboratories Instrumentation


C&T State Survey Results

Summary of School Pesticide Laws

DfE Issues and State Acceptance


State Food Monitoring for Pesticides


State School Pest Management Requirements

Spanish Exams

State Rules for Hiking Trails


Pollinator Protection

License Examinations

Enforcement Programs



NPDES Pesticide General Permit

SLA Priorities


Label Training Day Results

Golden Malrin


State URLs for Pesticide Applicators


Records Privacy

Licensing Fees

Certification Survey



Lawn Care Notification Laws

For surveys prior to 2006, the survey titles are listed but the file formats are not supported.  Please contact Amy Bamber at if you are interested in seeing the surveys.

2005: Recycling Programs; Drift Enforcement; IT Vendors

2003: Notification of Applications (specifically related to West Nile applications, but pertains to all sorts of notifications); State Funding Needs

2000: Cooperative Agreement Funding Needs

1999: What Field Data is Collected in Enforcment Programs?

1998: 25(b) registrations; Federal Facility Compliance