Documents: 2002 to present



September  AAPCO Letter to EPA regarding funding for POINTS

July  SFIREG Memo to States regarding Pass Through Insecticides

July AAPCO comments to EPA on Biostimulants

July Hemp: AAPCO letter to the U.S. Senate

July  SFIREG to EPA:  Cover Crops and Plant Back Restrictions Issue Paper

July  SFIREG to EPA: Concerns Regarding the Establishment and Adoption of Action Levels by Agencies other than the U.S. EPA and the Broader Implications of Such Action

July  AAPCO to FDA: Comments on Scientific Data and Information About Products Containing Cannabis or Cannabis-Derived Compounds

June  SFIREG to EPA: Comments on Proposed Pyrethroid Label Language

June AAPCO Requests Public Comment Period Extension Regarding ESA Risk Assessment EPA-HQ-OPP-2019-0185

May AAPCO’s Proposed 24(c) Guidance

May  SFIREG to EPA: Clarification of Options for Pesticide Use on Cannabis

May  AAPCO Letter to NASDA regarding USDA’s Biostimulant Report

May  EPA Response to AAPCO Letter to EPA expressing concerns regarding EPA’s notification on the Guidance on FIFRA 24(c) registrations

April  NASDA FY20 Appropriations Letter- Support for STAG funding for SLAs

April NASDA Letter to EPA supporting 24(c) registration authority of the states

April  AAPCO Letter to EPA expressing concerns regarding EPA’s notification on the Guidance on FIFRA 24(c) registrations

February  U.S. EPA’s response to AAPCO’s December 2018 letter regarding C&T


December   AAPCO Letter to US EPA regarding C&T needs for the states.

October 11   SFIREG Issue Paper to EPA- Pesticide Impurities in EPA Registered      Products

August     AAPCO letter to EPA on Dicamba OTT Registrations


May           AAPCO’s letter on Regulatory Reform

May           USEPA’s response to NASDA’s request to extend WPS rule implementation

January     Letter to EPA/OPP regarding Final Certification and Training Rule


October     EPA Response to AAPCO letter regarding AEZ and TTT materials

August      AAPCO to EPA regarding WPS AEZ and Train the Trainer materials

July             EPA’s Draft WPS Inspection Manual

March        AAPCO to EPA: Travel Funding for EPA’s PREP Coordinator

January      EPA’s draft NPDES Pesticide General Permit

January       AAPCO comments on Certification and Training Rule


December   SFIREG Effectiveness Measures for State Managed Pollinator Protection Plans

August         SFIREG Response to EPA’s June 2015 Proposal to Mitigate Exposure to Bees from Acutely Toxic Pesticides

June              EPA’s Proposal to Mitigate Exposure to Bees from Acutely Toxic Pesticide Products

June              SFIREG Managed Pollinator Protection Plan Guidance to States


Dec 12          Draft Managed Pollinator Protection Plans Guidance

July 23          AAPCO Newsletter – Volume 3


Dec                AAPCO Newsletter Volume 2

Sept               AAPCO Newsletter Volume 1

July 7             AAPCO By-Law Proposed Revisions

Mar 7             Compost Issue Paper Transmittal Letter

Jan 24            Methomyl RUP Issue Paper

Dec 22            EPA Response to ESA Issue Paper

Nov 30            AAPCO comments on NPM Guidance

Nov 8              Response from EPA regarding Letter on the Pesticide General Permit & Point Source Discharges

Oct 17             Response from EPA regarding Letter on Bedbug Control & the Endangered Species Consultation Process

Sep 30             Letter to USDA & Support of USDA-AMS Pesticide Recordkeeping Program

Sep 23             SFIREG to EPA regarding Proposal for Joint EPA/SLA Enforcement Initiative on Pesticide Distributor Labels

Sep 21             SFIREG Letter to EPA Regarding the Clean Water Act – Pesticide General Permit

President’s Mid-Year Report, Chuck Andrews

Sep 6                Letter to EPA Regarding Issue Papers

SFIREG Issue Paper: Bed Bugs Issues

SFIREG Issue Paper: Endangered Species Act Consultation for Pesticide Registration

Aug 26              Letter to Lecky & Ashe on Endangered Species Consultation Process

Aug 16              POM Soil fumigants SCBA Issue Paper

Aug 12               Letter to US Senate on Dual Regulation of Pesticide Applications under FIFRA & CWA

Jun 24               Letter to EPA on Spanish Language Labeling for Pesticides

Jun 21               Letter to EPA Regarding the OPP Benchmarks Webpage

May 11              Letter to EAP on Expiration Dates – Supplemental Labeling

Apr 19              Joint Letter to US Senators on Dual Regulation of Pesticide Applications Under FIFRA & CWA

Mar 28              Letter to Representative in Support of HR 872, Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act of 2011

Mar 21               Letter to EPA on Addendum to Our 2010 Supplemental Labeling Issue Paper

Mar 2                 Letter to EPA on Continuing Effort to Revise Pesticide Drift Label Language

Feb 21               “For Use By” Resolution Letter to Bradbury (Labeling Concern from State Lead Agencies)

Feb 11               EPA Pesticides Permit & Request for Six Month Stay


Feb 1                   SLAs – Letter Response from R. McNally, OPP

SLAs – Label Changes & Risk Mitigation Measures

State/Federal FIFRA Partnership

Dec 22                SLA Input into EPA Rule Development

Dec 21                Letter to Lisa Lund, Director of Office & Compliance Assurance, Regarding LDAF Policies

Dec 20                Performance Measures Reporting

Jun 16                OPP Guidance on Interpreting Drinking Water Detections

Mar 5                  Label Format; For Use By; Expiration Dates for Supplemental Labels

Mar 3                  Draft Guidance for Pesticide Registrants on Pesticide Drift Labeling

Jan 26                 Soil Fumigant Products Labels

Jan 12                 Environment (DfE) Logo on Pesticide Labels – Retraction


Dec 31                 Design for the Environment (DfE) Logo on Pesticide Labels

Dec 28                 Funding Request & Discussion

Jul 9                     Strychnine-Containing Rodenticides as RUPs

May 29                 Electronic Docket “Roadmap”

AAPCO Letter to EPA Administrator Jackson re: NPDES

May                      US EPA Letter from Administrator Jackson re: NPDES

Aug                       State Request for EPA EUP Exemption Determination | Form Guidelines

Aug                       AAPCO Brochure, 2009-2010

Apr 2                      AAPCO Letter to EPA Administrator Jackson re: NPDES

Feb 23                   AAPCO & SFIREG Letter to EPA Administrator Jackson re: NPDES



AAPCO Brochure Seeking NASDA Support of Additional Pesticide Program Funding

Dec 7

Position on for Use Only by Pesticide Label Statements

Oct 30

Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) for Soil Fumigant Dockets

Oct 23

Web Distributed Labeling Initiative

Aug 6

Jun 10

AAPCO Support for EPAs “Pesticide Drift Labeling” Initiative & PR Notice


CSPA, Antimicrobial & Pesticide Regulatory Update Maureen Serafini, NYSDEC / President AAPCO

Mar 26

Discretionary Grant Request – Development of Aquatic Benchmarks utilizing Great Lakes Initiative Guidance

Draft Guidance for Third Party Endorsements and Cause Marketing

Jan 7

Support of the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Services (NASS) Pesticide Use Surveys



Expedited Section 18 Form Guidance |
Expedited Emergency Exemption (Section 18) Request

Jun 19

Drift Issues & Appropriate Labeling Statements



Apr 13

Director of the Office of Pesticide Programs ~ Appointment

Mar 15

FIFRA Section 10g

Submission to Docket EPA-HQ-OPP-2006-0955, Rodenticides

Febr 12

“Cause-related Marketing”



Lawn & Garden Pesticide Bags – Engineering Standard

Sep 1

Benchmark Letter

Aug 28

Cover Letter | AAPCO 25b Resolution

Cover Letter | AAPCOs Position on EPA Funding for Certification and Training

Apr 18

Letter of Appreciation between AAPCO-SFIREG & Office of Pesticides Program / Office of Water


Emergency Reciprocity for Local, Regional and National Pest or Public Health Threats/Infestations

Mar 16

Washington State University Operations for State FIFRA Certification and Training

Mar 15

Thank You to Mr. Benjamin Grumbles & the Office of Water


Oct 11

Support of Proper & Efficient Pesticide Container Recycling

Sep 12

Proper & Efficient Pesticide Container Recycling – Stephen Johnson

May 27

Phosphine Fumigant Labeling : Questions and Answers

Apr 25

AAPCO Support for The Pest Management & Fire Suppression Flexibility Act (H.R.1749)

Mar 31

AAPCO Comments on US EPA Interpretive Statement and Proposed Rule on the Application of Pesticides to Waters of the United State in Compliance with FIFRA


Sept 14

AAPCO Comments on US EPA Pesticide Container and Containment Rules

Sept 1

PSEP Funding

Aug 19

PSEP Funding

Jul 27

Draft PR Notice 2004-XX Labeling Statements on Products Used for Adult Mosquito Control

Jul 21

PSEP Funding

Jul 20

PSEP Funding

Jun 18

Perspective on the State Federal Dialogue on Regulatory Oversight of Plant- incorporated Protectants (PIPs)

Mar 30

Comments on the Federal Register Notice Proposing Joint “Counterpart Regulations” Under Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act Docket ID No. 021223326-4022-02


Oct 14

Interim Statement and Guidance on Application of Pesticides to Waters of the United States in Compliance with FIFRA – Comment

Sep 8

PSEP Funding – Followup | PSEP Funding – Followup

May 21

Pesticide Safety Education Program Funding

Jan 31

EPA 2003 Strategic Plan

Jan 16

EPA Grants Management Plan

Jan 14

Past/Present Requests for Additional US EPA Grant Funding


Sep 24

Section 18 Emergency Exemption Process

Jul 29

Methyl Bromide Critical Use Exemption (CUE) Program

Jul 17

SFIREG: Cooperation between EPA and the ASPCRO

May 23

Cancelled Chlorpyrifos Products Letter

Mar 25

Spray and Dust Drift Label Statements for Pesticide Products