Sept 2020 JWC Meeting

Joint Working Committee meeting, September 21-23, 2020

Many thanks to our friends at the California Department of Pesticide Regulation for virtually hosting this meeting!

Final Agenda, includes GoToMeeting link

OPP Updates

Video: “Hemp Farming and Processing in Sutter County, CA: A Virtual Tour”  Featuring: Jennifer Teerlink, Environmental Program Manager, Department of Pesticide Regulation; Nicolas Oliver, Assistant Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer, Sutter County;  Becky Mendonza, Deputy Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer, Sutter County; Ian Dixon, President Viride Fund 1/Pharmers Group; and Justin Eve, 7 Generations Producers/Northwest Hemp.

Committee Questions to Hemp Growers/Breeders, facilitated by CDPR

CDPR: Hemp in California 

CDPR: Pesticides in Wastewater

CDPR: Pesticide Registration Evaluation Model for Surface Water Protection

AAPCO: 25(b) Audit Details

Pollinator Paper


Cover Crop Paper


Additional PFAS information from after the Sept JWC: MA DEP letter to Anvil registrant and Laboratory Results