Full SFIREG Committee Members

Gary Bahr, Chairperson
Washington State Department of Agriculture
Phone: (360) 902-1936
Email: gbahr@agr.wa.gov

David Rousseau, Region 1
New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food
Phone: (603) 271-3640
Email: david.rousseau@agr.nh.gov

Anthony Lamanno, Region 2
NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Phone: (518) 402-8727
Email: anthony.lamanno@dec.ny.gov

Rob Hofstetter, Region 3
Maryland Department of Agriculture
Phone: (410) 841-5710
Email: rob.hofstetter@maryland.gov

Tim Drake, Region 4
Clemson University
Phone: (864) 646-2153
Email: tdrake@clemson.edu

Roger Mackedanz, Region 5
Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Phone: (651) 201-6400
Email: roger.mackedanz@state.mn.us

Ryan Williams, Region 6
Oklahoma Department of Agriculture
Phone: (405) 522-5993
Email: ryan.williams@ag.ok.gov

Dawn Wall, Region 7
Missouri Department of Agriculture
Phone: (573) 751-5510
Email: dawn.wall@mda.mo.gov

Kima Traynham, Region 8
Montana Department of Agriculture
Phone: (406) 438-2136
Email: ktraynham@mt.gov

Bret Allen, Region 9
Nevada Department of Agriculture
Phone: (775) 353-3715
Email: bret.allen@agri.nv.gov

Bob Blankenburg, Region 10
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Phone:(907) 269-7690
Email: bob.blankenburg@alaska.gov


SFIREG Affliliates / Adjuncts

Association of American Pesticide Control Officials
Liza Fleeson Trossbach, President
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Phone: (804) 371-6559
Email: liza.fleeson@vdacs.virginia.gov

Association of American Pesticide Safety Educators
Jolene Hendrix
Phone: (904) 294-2497
Email: jhendrix@umn.edu

Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials
Ryan Okey, Clemson University
Phone: (864) 656-2150
Email: rokey@clemson.edu

Certification and Training Assessment Group
Linda Johns
University of Minnesota
Phone: (763) 767-3881
Email: lindaj@umn.edu

Laboratory Directors Liaison
Jona Verreth
Montana Department of Agriculture
Phone:   (406) 994-3383
Email: jverreth@mt.gov

Tribal Pesticide Program Council
Jasmine Brown, Chairperson
Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes
Phone: (406) 883-2888 Ext. 7218
Email: jasmine.brown@cskt.org

EPA Regions Representative
Courtenay Hoernemann
EPA Region 3
Phone: (215) 814-2129
Email: hoernemann.courtenay@epa.gov

EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Liaison
Kelly Engle, Office of Compliance
Phone: (202) 564-2059
Email: engle.kelly@epa.gov

EPA Office of Pesticide Programs Liaison
Cindy Wire, OSCPP
Phone: (571) 329-8575
Email: Wire.Cindy@epa.gov

Amy Sullivan, Executive Secretary
Phone: (406) 431-3176
Email: aapco.sfireg@gmail.com

SFIREG activities are funded through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. EPA.