FIFRA Section 24(c)

Archived August 23, 2022

The Office of the Inspector General’s Audit of EPA’s Special Local Need program

EPA is now re-evaluating its approach to reviewing 24(c) registrations and the circumstances under which it will exercise its authority to disapprove those registrations.

Some of the current differences of opinion between EPA and many SLAs centers around the concept of “new uses” and what constitutes a “new use”; this issue was illuminated with the dicamba Section 24(c)s that provided risk reduction restrictions. However, it is important to remember that there are other Section 24(c)s which are unrelated to the dicamba issue that have been approved by states for the exclusive purpose of providing restrictions which protect the environment.

The letters below address state concerns regarding this new approach by EPA:



Georgia Department of Agriculture

North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Alabama Department of Agriculture

Region 5 States (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin)

South Dakota Department of Agriculture

AAPCO’s Proposed 24(c) Guidance

This proposed guidance document was developed in coordination with SFIREG’s Pesticide Operations and Management Working Committee, and submitted to EPA for review in May 2019.  Please contact Rose Kachadoorian at with any questions or comments.

Photo of Hazelnuts courtesy of the Oregon Department of Agriculture