Control Officials Duties

Since many states have separated duties as a result of federal or state legislation, designated contacts are:

  1. Administrative Control Official – Administratively responsible for pesticide and related programs in the state.
  2. Principal Pesticide Control Official – Primary contact for programs in the state.
  3. Registration Official – Primarily responsible for product registration in the state.
  4. Certification Official – Primarily responsible for the certification of Agricultural applicators in the state.
  5. Certification Official – Primarily responsible for the certification of Residential/Institutional applicators in the state.
  6. Laboratory Official – Primarily responsible for laboratory functions as related to regulatory matters in the state.
  7. Worker Protection – Primarily responsible for implementing worker protection programs under the federal Worker Protection Standard.
  8. Water Quality – Primarily responsible for liaison with state water quality agencies on matters relating to protection of ground and surface waters from pesticide contamination.
  9. Endangered Species – Primarily responsible for implementing federal program for protecting endangered species from pesticides.
  10. Enforcement/Compliance – Primarily responsible for implementing Enforcement/Compliance Program
  11. Field Data – Primarily responsible for field data.
  12. Pesticide Disposal/Container Recycling – Primarily responsible for pesticide disposal and/orcontainer recycling programs in the state.