AAPCO Laboratory Committee: Reports & Presentations


Challenges Faced by Enforcement Labs Regarding 25(b) Products

2022 AAPCO EPA Survey

Difficult Matrices and Compounds

2023 EPA Repository Update

Evaluating the Impacts of Surface Sampling for Indoor Pesticide Misuse Incidents

2022 Pesticide Residue Check Sample Program


AAPCO Laboratory Committee and Structure

Laboratory Funding

EPA Repository

AAPCO Check Sample Program Update – OISC

Pesticide Residue Check Sample Program Update – WI

PREP Update for the labs


State Registration Process

Federal Registration Process

AAPCO Formulation Check Sample Program

Wisconsin Check Sample Program

USEPA/OPP Dietary Exposure Assessment

SFIREG Liaison Update

IN Drift Sampling Study

Lab Capability Survey Results

Revised ISO


Standing Committee Report to the Membership


Check Sample Program

Efficiencies and Budget Constraints

Implementation of High Resolution Mass Spectrometry