2018 AAPCO Annual Conference Presentations


U.S. EPA Office of Pesticide Programs

U.S. EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

NASDA Address

Inpurities in Pesticide Formulations

EPA’s Seed Treatment Memo and Reduced Residue Chemistry data requirements

NMFS Biological Opinions, and MOA for ESA Consultations

Pollinator Protection – Fleeson Trossbach

Pollinator Protection – Goodis

Pollinator Protection – Jones

International Pesticide Registration Activities – Irrig

International Pesticide Registration Activities – Baron

International Pesticide Registration Activities – Davis

International Pesticide Registration Activities – Chao


Dicamba – Baris

Dicamba – Witten- Monsanto requested that we not post their presentation online as the numbers presented are dynamic.  Please contact registration.state@monsanto.com for information on the presentation.

Dicamba – Westberg

Dicamba – Ikley

Dicamba – Scott

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems for use by SLAs – Rosch

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems for Aerial Application – Reynolds

Respirators – Tutor

PERC WPS Resources


25(b) – Myers

25(b) – Millette

Ingredient Transparency – Jones

Ingredient Transparency – Boesenberg

Ingredient Transparency – Spagnoli

What we wish we knew – Rabe

Cannabis – Davis

Cannabis – Stapleton

Cannabis – Scott

Cannabis – Giguere