Working Committees

The September 23-25, 2019 JWC meeting will be held in West Lafayette, IN on the Purdue University Campus.

Please be advised that the JWC meetings will take place (Sept. 23) Monday morning 8-11, (Sept 24) late Tuesday morning and Tuesday afternoon until 5pm, and (Sept 25) Wednesday morning 8-11.  The times are tentative at this point, but are provided to give attendees an idea of how this meeting will likely be differently structured than normal.

We will provide a draft agenda as soon as possible, with the announcement and room block information.  Thank you!

April 2019 JWC Minutes, presentations and papers

Anticipated 2019 SFIREG dates, meetings held at Potomac Yards, Crystal City, VA:

JWC April 8-9
SFIREG June 3-4
JWC Sept 23-24
SFIREG Dec 2-3

SFIREG has two Working Committees.

The Pesticide Operations and Management (POM) Working Committee is focused on registration, certification, and enforcement related pesticide issues of national or regional importance.  POM Committee Members

The Environmental Quality Issues (EQI) Working Committee is involved with pesticide issues related to water quality, threatened and endangered species, human health and the environment, risk assessments, and technical aspects of the implementation of pesticide programs.  EQI Committee Members

The committees may meet separately or jointly, as the issues overlap committee responsibilities.