Working Committees

September 18-19, 2023

Meeting Minutes


OPP Update

Bilingual Labeling – EPA

Bilingual Labeling – PRIA Coalition



ESA – AAPCO Workgroup

ESA – Georgia’s Pilot Program

Incident Data – EPA

Incident Data – NPIC

SFIREG Public Comments and Issue Papers

24(c) Guidance Document for EPA Review

Oregon’s Pesticide Stewardship Program


Rodenticides – EPA

Rodenticide Task Force

Chlorpyrifos/OP Update – EPA

Chlorine Gas – EPA

C&T Plans – EPA

Technology Workgroup Update – AAPCO

Treated Seeds: SFIREG Issue Paper and EPA Response

Respirators: revisit of requested Label Review Manual Ch 10 changes and PPT 


April 2023 Meeting Materials

2024 SFIREG and JWC Dates

JWC Apr 15-16

SFIREG Jun 3-4

JWC Sept 16-17

SFIREG Dec 9-10

SFIREG has two Working Committees.

The Pesticide Operations and Management (POM) Working Committee is focused on registration, certification, and enforcement related pesticide issues of national or regional importance.  POM Committee Members

The Environmental Quality Issues (EQI) Working Committee is involved with pesticide issues related to water quality, threatened and endangered species, human health and the environment, risk assessments, and technical aspects of the implementation of pesticide programs.  EQI Committee Members

The committees may meet separately or jointly, as the issues overlap committee responsibilities.


Photo of red and white cranberries courtesy of David Rousseau, NH from the “Cultivate” exhibit at the United States Botanic Garden.