Working Committees

Joint Working Committee meeting, September 21-23, 2020

Many thanks to our friends at the California Department of Pesticide Regulation for virtually hosting this meeting!

Final Agenda, includes GoToMeeting link

OPP Updates

Video: “Hemp Farming and Processing in Sutter County, CA: A Virtual Tour”  Featuring: Jennifer Teerlink, Environmental Program Manager, Department of Pesticide Regulation; Nicolas Oliver, Assistant Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer, Sutter County;  Becky Mendonza, Deputy Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer, Sutter County; Ian Dixon, President Viride Fund 1/Pharmers Group; and Justin Eve, 7 Generations Producers/Northwest Hemp.

Committee Questions to Hemp Growers/Breeders, facilitated by CDPR

CDPR: Hemp in California 

CDPR: Pesticides in Wastewater

CDPR: Pesticide Registration Evaluation Model for Surface Water Protection

AAPCO: 25(b) Audit Details

Pollinator Paper


Cover Crop Paper


Upcoming meetings:

JWC April 6-7  Virtual
SFIREG June 1-2 Virtual
JWC Sept 21-22 California/ Virtual
SFIREG Dec 7-8 Crystal City, VA

SFIREG has two Working Committees.

The Pesticide Operations and Management (POM) Working Committee is focused on registration, certification, and enforcement related pesticide issues of national or regional importance.  POM Committee Members

The Environmental Quality Issues (EQI) Working Committee is involved with pesticide issues related to water quality, threatened and endangered species, human health and the environment, risk assessments, and technical aspects of the implementation of pesticide programs.  EQI Committee Members

The committees may meet separately or jointly, as the issues overlap committee responsibilities.