Working Committees

September 20-21, 2021 Joint Working Committee – virtual link on agenda

Meeting Materials  

Link to meeting transcripts and audio:

Sept 20

Sept 21


Questions provided to EPA by the Working Committees

OPP Update

OECA Update

Maine 2021 PFAS Legislation

Chlopyrifos:  EPA FAQ webpage

Multiple Products Packaged Together (MPPT) – SFIREG Guidance Doc with Revisions

HCPA Comments on SFIREG MPPT Guidance

Paraquat FAQs

Weed Science Society of America, Dicamba Update

Mosquito Blowers in Residential Settings

EPA Aquatic Life Benchmarks Update

PERC 2.0 Update


2021 Upcoming Meetings:

JWC Sept 20-21 Virtual
SFIREG Dec 6-8 Hoping to have in person in Alexandria, VA!

SFIREG has two Working Committees.

The Pesticide Operations and Management (POM) Working Committee is focused on registration, certification, and enforcement related pesticide issues of national or regional importance.  POM Committee Members

The Environmental Quality Issues (EQI) Working Committee is involved with pesticide issues related to water quality, threatened and endangered species, human health and the environment, risk assessments, and technical aspects of the implementation of pesticide programs.  EQI Committee Members

The committees may meet separately or jointly, as the issues overlap committee responsibilities.