2015-2018 C&T

We received a decision on the Pineros case challenging the delays of the restricted use pesticide certification rule. The court granted Plaintiffs’ motion, vacated the delay rules, and declared that the underlying rule went into effect on its original effective date, March 6, 2017.

Dec 2017 USEPA’s Federal Register Notice on Minimum Age Requirements

The implementation date for the Federal C&T rule has been moved to May 22, 2018.

Results of the AAPCO-ASPCRO Certification Survey, August 2017

See EPA’s C&T page for the entire final rule, federal register notice, factsheets and other related materials.

DOCKET for comment submissions regarding extension of implementation- due May 19, 2017

Table of Contents for the CFR Sections -Certification of Pesticide Applicators, January 2017

Federal Register published Rule January 2017

Detailed Comparison Chart for the Final Rule December 2016

Pre-publication Final Rule December 2016

AAPCO: C&T Work Group Comments, published January 2016


State Survey Results December 2015

Economic Analysis Tool : Provided by Texas A&M and hosted on the AAPSE website.  This tool is for states to use to estimate costs associated with implementation of the proposed C&T rule.

EPA: Proposed Certification and Training Rule Changes August 2015