SFIREG Pesticide Operations and Management Working Committee Members

Amy Brown, Chairperson (Sept 2026)
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Phone: (850) 617-7940
Email: amy.brown@fdacs.gov

Jimmy Hughes (2024)
Delaware Department of Agriculture
Phone: (302) 698-4569
Email: james.hughes@delaware.gov

Ken Everett (2024)
California Department of Pesticide Regulation
Phone: (916) 317-1236
Email: ken.everett@cdpr.ca.gov

Kristia Thomas (2024)
South Dakota Department of Agriculture
Phone: (605) 773-4001
Email: kristia.thomas@state.sd.us

Morgan Griffith (2025)
Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets
Phone: (802) 279-9395
email: morgan.griffith@vermont.gov

Sarah Caffery (2025)
Office of the Indiana State Chemist
Phone: (765) 494-1587
email: scaffery@purdue.edu

Patrick Farquhar (2026)
North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Phone: (252) 341-4430
email: pat.farquhar@ncagr.gov

Alexander Peacock (2026)
Maine Board of Pesticides
Phone: (207) 441-4193
email: Alexander.R.Peacock@maine.gov

Ernesto Lugo
Arizona Department of Agriculture
Phone: (928) 318-9725
email: elugo@azda.gov

EPA Regions Representative
Courtenay Hoernemann, EPA Region 3
Email: hoernemann.courtenay@epa.gov

EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Liaison
Kelly Engle
Phone: (202) 564-2059
Email: engle.kelly@epa.gov

EPA Office of Pesticide Programs Liaison
Cindy Wire
Email: Wire.Cindy@epa.gov

Amy Sullivan, Executive Secretary
Phone: (406) 431-3176
Email: aapco.sfireg@gmail.com