SFIREG Environmental Quality Issues (EQI) Working Committee

Gretchen Paluch, Chairperson
Iowa Department of Agriculture
Phone: (515) 281-8590
Email: Gretchen.paluch@iowaAgriculture.gov

Davis Daiker (2019)
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Phone: (850) 617-7919
Email: davis.daiker@freshfromflorida.com

Lebelle Hicks (2017)
Maine Board of Pesticide Control
Phone: (207) 287-2731
Email: lebelle.hicks@maine.gov

John Allran (
North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Phone: (919) 733-3556
Email: john.allran@ncagr.gov

Gary Bahr
Washington State Department of Agriculture
Phone: (360) 902-1936
Email: GBahr@agr.wa.gov

Carrie Leach
Purdue University, Laboratory
Phone: (765) 494-1549
Email: Leach13@purdue.edu

Tim Drake
Clemson University
Phone: (864) 646-2153
Email: tdrake@clemson.edu

Laura Mensch
Delaware Department of Agriculture
Phone:   (302) 698-4573
Email: laura.mensch@state.de.us

Linda Mauel
EPA Region 2
Phone: (732) 321-4377
Email: mauel.linda@epa.gov

Shirley Fan
Phone: (202) 564-2425
Email: fan.shirley@epa.gov

Yvette Hopkins
Phone: (703) 308-1090
Email: hopkins.yvette@epa.gov

Lance Wormell
Phone: (703) 603-0523
Email: wormell.lance@epa.gov

Dennis Howard, AAPCO President
Maryland Department of Agricultiure
Phone: (410) 841-5710
Email: dennis.howard@maryland.gov

Amy Bamber, Executive Secretary
Phone: (406) 431-3176
Email: aapco.sfireg@gmail.com