Laboratory Resources

Agricultural laboratories provide the underpinning for pesticide enforcement and environmental monitoring programs.

AgLabs    Many laboratories utilize a listserve called AgLabs, which is hosted by Food SHIELD.  AgLabs provides a mechanism for laboratories across the country to quickly and easily communicate with one another.  To see the topics being discussed in AgLabs, visit this site.  For assistance with AgLabs, you can send an email to their support team at  Here

The North American Chemical Residue Workshop (NACRW) is held every summer in Florida.  Their website provides presentations from past meetings and has various resources for lab folks.


Additional Topics–Under Construction.  Thank you to the AAPCO Laboratory Committee for improving our Laboratories Page!  Here are the topic areas put forth by the committee.

AAPCO Annual Meeting – Laboratory Committee Meeting

AAPCO Formulation Check Sample 

National Laboratory Workshop 

Chart with the schedule for EPA money distribution to state labs

Excel spreadsheet with the results of the lab turnaround survey

List of labs that offers fee for service

FIFRA methods from states or link to FoodSHIELD if we get a FIFRA group created to put methods into