1. Jack Housenger, Director OPP 

2. Barbara Glenn, NASDA 

3. Stephane Lessard, Director General, PMRA

4. Ed Messina, Director, OECA, EPA 

5. Waters of the U.S. – Jeff Comstock, VT; Brent Keith, NAF; Don Parrish, AFBF 

6. IPM in Schools – Robert McNally, Director, BPPD, EPA 

7. Spanish Pesticide Labeling Pilot Update – Jose Gayoso, Chemical Review Manager, PRD, EPA 

8. SFIREG Report – Jim Gray, ND 

9. Methomyl Poisoning Reports – Brian Rowe, MI

10. PESP Funding – Carol Black, WSU Extension 

11. ASPCRO Report – John Scott, CO

12. AAPCO – Industry Relations Panel

a) Supplemental Labeling Processes 

b) Endangered Species Issues

13. Regulators in Residence Report – Liza Fleeson, VA; Charlie Clark, FL; Dave Scott, IN 

14. PPE Virtual Center and Dialogue –

a) Presentation 1 – Anugrah Shaw, University of MD, Eastern Shore 

b) Presentation 2 – Carol Black, WSU Extension

15. NIOSH Presentation – Kimberly Faulkner

16. AAPSE Report – Don Renchie, Texas A&M 

17. Enlist-Duo Registration – Sarah Meadows, RD, EPA

18. Biotechnology Discussion

a) Sidney Abel, Asst. Deputy Administrator, USDA-APHIS-BRS

b) Mike Mendelsohn, Acting Assoc. Chief, Microbials Branch, BPPD, EPA

c) Dan Kenny, Branch Chief, Herbicide Branch, RD, EPA 

19. USDA Office of Pest Management Policy – Sheryl Kunickis, Director, OPMP, USDA 

20. WPS & Certification Update – Kevin Keaney, Branch Chief, Certification and Worker Protection Branch, OPP, EPA 

21. Pollinator Protection Activities:

a) David Epstein, OPMP, USDA 

b) Marietta Echeverria, RD, OPP and Mike Goodis, PRD, OPP, EPA

c) Steve Dwinell, FL

d) Jim Gray, ND