WPS Implementation

Photograph courtesy of Tarmo Hannula, Register-Pajaronian

January 9, 2019  EPA announces intent to leave designated rep and minimum age requirements in place; may amend AEZ in future

Key Contacts

EPA: Nancy Fitz, fitz.nancy@epa.gov; Richard Pont, pont.richard@epa.gov; EPA’s webpage on WPS revisions

AAPCO: WPS Committee Chairperson, Patrick Jones NC, patrick.jones@ncagr.gov

Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative: Suzanne Forsyth (UCDE), spforsyth@ucdavis.edu & Kaci Buhl (OSU), buhlk@ace.orst.edu, PERC website


If you have developed materials that would be good to share with others, please send them to Amy Sullivan, AAPCO Executive Secretary, at aapco.sfireg@gmail.com.

Online Training Resources: http://pesticideresources.org/wps/inventory.html

EPA/OECA:  WPS Inspection Manual

PERC: WPS Respirator Protection Guide

PERC: Train the Trainer Manual

PERC: Quick Reference Guide to the 2015 WPS

PERC: How to Comply Manual

Washington State University Extension: AEZ–Spray Quality and Droplet Size

University of Arizona Extension: Nozzles and Droplets-What do the colors mean?

EPA: WPS Frequently Asked Questions

EPA: WPS Application Exclusion Zone (AEZ) Factsheet

EPA: WPS AEZ Power Point

2017 USEPA’s Federal Register Notice regarding Reconsideration of Several Requirements and Notice About Compliance Dates

2017 USEPA’s response to NASDA’s request to delay WPS implementation

2016 AAPCO letter to EPA regarding WPS and Jack Housenger’s response.

2015 After Final Rule was Published

EPA: Medium Detail Chart detailing WPS changes, also available in Spanish

Federal Register Final WPS Rule

2015 Prior to Rule being Published

EPA Proposed Rule Changes  September 2015

EPA to States for Feedback: Proposed WPS Implementation Strategy  June 2015

EPA to States for Feedback: WPS Stakeholders and Materials June 2015