Department of Justice Memo to US Attorney’s on Marijuana Enforcement, January 2018

Oregon Governor Brown’s statement regarding the DOJ memo, January 2018

OMRI Response to Oregon’s Pesticide Advisory, November 2017

Oregon issues 5 SSURO’s for adulterated products used on cannabis, August 2017:

HIT Manufacturing; Advanced NutrientsPure Life Veganix Vegamatrix 1 0 1 Boost CaMg w PolysaccharidesAssertive Assimilation Snoops Premium Nutrients 0 0 0.04 Radical Roots;Emerald Harvest

Special Local Need registrations for pesticides

May 2015     EPA to Colorado: Special Local Needs Registrations for pesticide uses for legal marijuana production in Colorado

June 2017     EPA’s Administrator to States: EPA intent to deny Special Local Needs Registrations for Cannabis, Intent to Disapprove

State Specific Cannabis information and websites

California Department of Pesticide Regulation Cannabis Policy

Oregon’s Cannabis webpage